Paula Metallo | Aspettando Il Prossimo (Waiting For The Next One)

This work addresses earthquakes, specifically in Italy. It is stereotypical that in the face of natural and human tragedies Italians tend to dramatize. But is passively waiting, and not preparing for earthquakes, particularly Italian? I refer to Italian neo realist films, in order to better understand the relationship Italians have with human tragedy, and choose frames that seemingly catch famous Italians in the exact moment that something awful is about to happen. I place these images alongside more abstract images of geological and seismic information, literally putting them face to face with a tectonic reality. Along with, paintings on canvas the research includes a series of small plates representing the most disastrous earthquakes in the history of Italy. Each plate is decorated in the typical tradition of that region along with information about that particular earthquake (date, epicenter, magnitude and number of victims). It is meant to give an immediate visual representation to the viewer of the breadth of Italian seismic activity. In another way the series is meant to persuade Italians to relate to the reality under their feet by greeting their regional sensibilities. Each plate has a diameter of 7cm. and is hand drawn on a plastic material called Shrinky Dink that shrinks and hardens in the oven. The work will be shown in Gibellina. ( province of Trapani, the nw corner of Sicily) with the fondazione orestiadi, on October 8, 2011 and curated by Achille Bonito Oliva. The town of Gibellina was destroyed by an earthquake in 1968 and later was turned into a work of art by the artist Alberto Burri.
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