Paula Metallo | (un) Measuring The World

Because the Natural History Museum is a home for many disciplines, it makes it a good base for art/science cross-pollination, and presents the art work in a scientific context, providing a symbol of such an interdisciplinary approach. A major influence for this exhibit was Alexander von Humboldt, with his research and discoveries in all fields (from mineralogy to volcanology to biology and glaciology), and especially his approach to unifying all aspects of the physical world. The title of the exhibit, (Un)measuring the World, pays homage to Humboldt as well as to Daniel Kehlmann's book on Humboldt, and at the same time provides a comparison of the concepts measuring and unmeasuring, as in comparing science and art. Dona Jalufka and Paula Metallo, (Un)Measuring the World, Museum fur Naturkunde, Berlin, 29.8 - 30.10, 2009
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