• American Holidays.

  • Killer-Martyr, acrylic on paper and yarn, 11 x 17 cm, 2003.

  • Terrorist-Victim.

  • Good hero-Bad hero, acrylic on paper and yarn, 28” x 42”, 2002.

  • Savior-Sinner.

  • Addiction-Affection.

  • Fascist-Not Fascist.

  • Self portrait.

  • Three citizens.

American Holidays 2003


This project was inspired by a short article in a magazine which read:

“A three-day conference in Kuala Lumpur of Islamic nations of Malaysia ended with a condemnation of terrorism, in all forms, but without agreement on a definition of terrorism.”

These drawings make evident the complexities we now face when attempting to agree on definitions.

I employ folk toys that refer to holidays in American history that celebrate particular moments which are rarely questioned.

The drawings are cutouts because they symbolize the taking out of context of the imagery.

The outline sewing of the drawings is a metaphor for nailing down a solid definition and make improbable comparisons.

The large black lettering is a reference to children’s flash cards, and our first moments in life when we relate an object to its name.