• Putting the Indian back Apache chief in Gen. Joseph R. West.

  • Putting the Indian back Cynthia Parker taking back her children.

  • Putting the Indian back Crazy Horse on General Crook.

  • Putting the Indian back Indian mothers in generals.

  • Indian Understanders Mountain chief and Frances Densmore.

  • Indian Understanders Jane Gay in John N. Choate photographer of Carlisle Indian School.

  • Indian Understanders Black Elk Alessander Von Humboldt.

  • Frankensteins.

  • Frankensteins.

  • Frankensteins.

  • Tower of Babel Weavings.

  • Tower of Babel Weavings.

  • Art Historical Contact Zones.

  • Art Historical Contact Zones.

  • Art Historical Contact Zones Chief Big Foot sleeping.

  • Sharing the Stare.

  • Sharing the Stare leaving the sword to hold the child.

  • Manifested Destinies Wakanozan in Abe Lincoln.

  • Manifested Destinies Indian woman in Wounded Knee survivor.

  • Pedologist Melanie Klein in Pratt.

  • Indian child in Pratt 's great grandson.

  • The good the bad and the ugly of General Pratt.

  • Resilient Mary Edmonia Lewis black native sculptress.

  • Resilient Zitkála-Šá Sun Dance Opera.

  • Resilient Will Rogers and booger mask.

2018 Take and Give


This work strives to find a just way to engage thoughtfulness around U.S. history and the Native American story. And to visually represent a kind of balance between and reflection on the impacts at this particular moment in human history.

The collision of the ‘other world people’ with the Indigenous North Americans caused a change in the environment in a very short time. This is a pivotal time in human’s rapport with the Earth.

Geology puts us face to face with the impermanent and the enduring. The Natives that lived in North America and their struggle to evolve and maintain shows that their story is a grappling with Inescapable change and resilient qualities.

We now have a clearer picture of the circumstances brought on by the hard to define word ‘progress’. I am interested in what was taken, through this causation, and symbolically ‘give it back’.


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