Paula Metallo | Hole collages
Paula Metallo is an Italian American contemporary artist. Born in Syracuse, New York and lives in the Marche Region of Italy.
Italian American, artist, contemporary artist, art, contemporary art, collage, installation, Coldigioco, holes, meet, look twice, rorschach, cover uncover, art and science, take and give, simmetry, drawings
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2020 Holes collages


Work in progress.

  • Cherokee chief in Florence.

  • Florence silohette.

  • Lange silohette.

  • Migrant Mona Lisa.

  • Monalisa in Florence.

  • Stryker dust bowl.

  • Stryker hole 1.

  • Stryker hole 2.

  • Stryker hole 3 Padre_Pio.

  • Stryker hole on Grant Wood.

  • Stryker hole on Grant Wood 2.