• Bomb bowl; image of crater made in the Vietnam war.

  • Image of damaged buddha painting.

  • Bullet holes.

  • Image dedicated to the Hiroshima bomb utilizing Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959) a film by Alain Resnais.

  • Kimberly hole: Kimberley, South Africa. From 1871 to 1914, 50,000 miners dug this hole with picks and shovels, yielding 2,722 kg of diamonds.
    The hole is 463 m wide. It is the biggest hand dug hole in the world.

  • Kola Hole: the Kola Superdeep Borehole (Russian: Кольская сверхглубокая скважина) is the result of a scientific drilling project of the former USSR.
    The project attempted to drill as deep as possible into the Earth's crust. Drilling began on 24 May 1970.
    The hole reached 12,261 m (40,230 ft) in 1989, and remains the deepest hole ever drilled.

  • Maersk bowl: the longest hole ever drilled is the 12,290 m (40,300 ft) Maersk Oil well at Al-Shaheen field in Qatar.

  • Yucca Mountain: Yucca Mountain is a mountain in Nevada approximately 80 miles north of the Las Vegas metropolitan area.
    It was the proposed site for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository from 1987 to 2009.

  • Ozone: the Antarctic ozone hole is an area of the Antarctic stratosphere in which the recent ozone levels have dropped to as low as 33% of their pre-1975 values.
    The overall cause of ozone depletion is the presence of chlorine-containing source gases (primarily CFCs and related halocarbons).

  • Twin towers: on September 11, 2001, American Airlines Flight 11 purposely crashed into the northern facade of the north tower.
    Followed seventeen minutes later by a second United Airlines Flight 175 into the south tower, 2,749 people died.

2007 Mimbres Bowls, Man Made Holes


Mixed media on Shrinky Dink plastic, 7 cm diameter each, 10 pairs.

The Mimbres culture was centered near the southwest region of New Mexico. Their pottery was produced between 1000-1150 A.D.

A hole punctured in the center indicates that the bowl was ceremoniously “killed” allowing for the spirit of the image to be free, and so symbolically replenishing the “hole” left behind in nature. I have made a series of bowls with images of some of the largest, and deepest manmade holes on earth. I accompany them with their own Mimbres bowl in an attempt to remedy the damage done. This series is meant to show how far we have come from seeking a natural balance with the living world around us.


2008 Mimbres Bowls, Nature Made Holes