• Biroccio, 200 x 600 x 150 cm, 2014.

  • Self portrait as Il Facocchio, 10 x 13 cm, digital collage.

  • Mogli e Buoi.

  • Biroccio back.

  • Biroccio wheel.

  • Il giogo.

Mogli e Buoi 2015


The gallery, Spazio Lavì in Sarnano, Italy, asked me to represent my relationship with the Marche region, where I live.

The project’s starting point is an Italian proverb, Mogli e buoi dei paesi tuoi (Choose wives and oxen from your own town), which restates the patriarchal commandment of creating work and family in one’s birthplace.

Here the choice of the Biroccio wagon narrates the landscape of the Marche region, a territory immersed in rural culture, but also rich in historically rooted artistic experiences. This construction, in real dimensions sewn of silk and painted white, transforms exactly that oxen drawn wagon: the tractor, car, and wedding Biroccio, like marrying into another culture or a ghost from the past before the car.


Making the Biroccio