• No Place Like Home.

  • Lace Face, 150 x 70 cm, 1997.

  • God bLESS aMErica.

  • Fading women, 26 x 31 cm, 2002.

  • Me & Pasolini.

  • Me and David, collage, 12 x 17 cm, 2008.

  • Me & Fontana bangs.

  • Italian melodrama.

  • Soft Italy.

  • Italo American bonnet.

  • Bonnet.

  • Toast.

  • Trying on the ruby slippers painting on mirror.

  • No PLACE like home.

No Place Like Home 2008


In 2008 the small Town of Apiro, asked me to represent what it was like for the foreign people that formed families and settled in Apiro over the years.

This was due to a yearly International Folk Dance festival held there for over 40 years.

I chose the story The Wizard of Oz to illustrate the many ways, I too, could relate to Dorothy’s journey and the realization that there is No Place Like Home.


«There are countries that we live in and countries that live in us».

Ahlem Mosteghanemi Algerian writer