Paula Metallo | (Un)measuring the World
Paula Metallo is an Italian American contemporary artist. Born in Syracuse, New York and lives in the Marche Region of Italy.
Italian American, artist, contemporary artist, art, contemporary art, collage, installation, Coldigioco, holes, meet, look twice, rorschach, cover uncover, art and science, take and give, simmetry, drawings
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(Un)measuring the World


Alexander von Humboldt was a major influence to this work, with his research and discoveries in all fields (from mineralogy to volcanology to biology etc.), and especially his approach to unifying all aspects of the physical world. (Un)measuring the World, provides a kind of poetic version of the scientific measuring of the world. This was a show at the Humboldt Museum in Berlin.

  • Humboldt's flowering mind, 200 x 150 cm, acrylic on silk.

  • Kosmos, 60 x 60 cm, acrylic on silk.

  • Popeinstein, 17 x 14 cm, collage.

  • At Leo's Pace, 150 x 60 cm, acrylic on plexiglass.

  • Drawing.

  • Bowls overview.

  • Measuring love.

  • Atoms at rest, 150 x 40 cm, acrylic on canvas.

  • Motion, 150 x 150 cm each, acrylic on canvas.

  • Collumn, 400 x 100 cm, acrylic on paper.

  • Collumn, 400 x 100 cm, acrylic on paper.